By Dina Smith
Dec 1, 2004 - 9:35:00 PM

Arissa Montague could not believe she had let her best-friend Drae talk her into paying a service, so she could have sex with a stranger. When Arissas fiance dumped her six months ago, at work in front of everybody, including her gorgeous boss Derek Monrtenson, she was humiliated. As far as bosses go Derek was a jerk. He never smiled, he was moody, and he was always working. But there was something about the man that made Arissa's blood boil every time he walked into the room. Drae, who was tired of seeing Arissa mope around, decided what she needed was one night of incredibly hot sex with a stranger. So, in hopes of getting Drae off her back Arissa called 1-800-SEX4YOU.

Drake Mortenson was a long time customer of 1-800-SEX4YOU. It was the perfect service for a single guy who didn't have time for a long term relationship. When Drake seen Arissa's application and video he could not resist choosing her, but it would have to be anonymously of course. Even though Drake has been having fantasies about Arissa, he didn't think she would be too happy knowing she was sleeping with her boss.


When Arissa arrives at 1-800-SEX4YOU the receptionist takes her into a room and places the half-hood over Arissa's head, explaining that each partner will take turns wearing the hood. When Drake arrives their fantasies begin, at least until Arissa decides it is Drake's turn to wear the hood. Can Drake keep Arissa from finding out who he really is, and if not, can he keep her from walking out of his life for good?


1-800-SEX4YOU takes the reader on a wild and crazy night as these two people make their fantasies come to life. The great thing about this story is you get each persons view on exactly what happened that night. Even though they may not agree on everything that went on, they both agree on one thing, it was definitely a night where reality was way better than the fantasies. For a quick and enjoyable read I would recommend you pick up a copy of 1-800-SEX4YOU.

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