1022 Evergreen Place
By Sherri Myers
Jan 1, 2011 - 5:17:16 PM

Mary Jo Wyse’s affair with David Rhodes ended but left her with a baby daughter to care for. She’s not ready to fall in love again, but living next door to handsome Mack McAfee, who delivered her baby on Christmas Eve, has her heart yearning for some affection from him anyway.  When Mary Jo finds some old love letters hidden in a closet, she looks to Mack to help her solve the mystery of whom the letters were written to and whom the romantic writer was. 

Firefighter Mack McAfee was so in love with Mary Jo Wyse and her baby girl, Noelle, that he had already proposed to her once.  Mary Jo accepted but then they questioned their wisdom in rushing to get engaged, so they decided to go back to just being ‘friends’.  Of course, living side by side in the duplex Mack owns doesn’t help matters either.  Could love letters from two World War 2 lovers make these two realize they’re meant to be together?


I have heard many good things about Debbie Macomber’s books, so I jumped at the chance to review 1022 EVERGREEN PLACE.  The tenth book in the CEDAR COVE series, I found this book to have a huge cast of characters that was difficult for me as a new reader to sort out and keep up with at first.  But then as I read further, I realized Ms. Macomber provides enough back story for the various characters so that even as a new reader I was able to pick up fairly quickly on what was happening to them.  For the die-hard Macomber fans, 1022 EVERGREEN PLACE is the next chapter in the lives of Cedar Cove, Washington’s, many residents that they have come to care deeply about.  I personally found the story of Mary Jo and Mack to be interesting and enjoyed discovering the truth behind the mystery of the hidden love letters.  I am eagerly looking forward to finding out what happens to Cedar Cove’s residents next September when Ms. Macomber releases 1105 YAKIMA STREET.    

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