10 Days In Paradise
By natasha2
Oct 1, 2008 - 7:31:18 PM

10 DAYS IN PARADISE by Dawn Halliday goes a long way towards curing the addiction of workaholic heroine Celeste McMillan.  After being hit-on by and refusing the advances of one of her top clients, Thomas Manning, her boss give her a couple of weeks off to allow the incident to blow over.  He can see she is stressed-out and hopes the vacation will allow her to recharge as well as keep his rejected client pacified.  Taking the suggested vacation as a negative, Celeste approaches it with little enthusiasm.  She chooses Hawaii as her destination at the suggestion of her assistant Melia, a native Hawaiian.  She opts to rent a home owned by the aunt of her assistant instead of staying in a hotel.  The house is located on a beautiful beach in Hilo, Hawaii.  Her vacation gets off to a stellar start as Hilo is experiencing a torrential rainstorm when her plane touches down. 

After successfully navigating her rental car to her rental house she struggles to get her luggage and herself to the door with no loss of life.  Unfortunately, the gods are not smiling on her and she finds herself sprawled at the feet of the sexiest man she has ever seen.  He is a native Hawaiian named Kanoe Anakalea.  He is familiar with Melia and her aunt.  He helps her get to the house safely and leaves her to unpack.  This clandestine meeting leads to others and before she knows it, she is involved in an affair with her heart on the line. The hero, Kanoe Anakalea, also has much to lose in this affair.  His family has a deep dislike for Haole- or “white people”.  He also has not held a high opinion of “whites” either but as he gets to know her, he realizes Celeste is different.  He fights his attraction and growing love for her fiercely.  Will they be able to overcome their fears, prejudices, and public opinion to share an enduring love?


I thought this was a great story.  I had a preconceived notion that it would be a brief sex-only fling and she would go back to her life happy and satisfied.  I was so wrong.  The story tackled some very deep issues.  There is racism and classicism as well as emotional issues.  Kanoe has to overcome his ideas about Hawaiians and their hostility towards another race.  His family’s objection to his love affair with a white woman weighs heavily on him as well.  Will he be able to choose between the only way of life he has known and the woman who completes him?  Celeste must decide if she will turn her back on her job—her life— basically to take a chance on love.  Her mother has always taught her not to feel and she does not know how to deal with what she is feeling.  Feeling causes you to lose power.  Who would she be without her job?  Did she have an identity outside of her work?  I really enjoyed watching love bloom between this couple.  The sex scenes were smoking hot and exotic but did not overpower the complexities of the relationship.  I think this is a good read and would highly recommend it.

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