12 Torrid Days Of Christmas
By tasha
Oct 1, 2008 - 2:26:09 PM


12 Torrid Days of Christmas is an anthology of steamy stories to get your holiday season off to a rousing good start!  Authors CJ England, Emma Sinclair, and Rusty Wicks write some very naughty and steamy stories to help ease the cold winter nights.  The anthology is a set of twelve stories inspired by the holiday classic “The Twelve Days of Christmas”.  Starting with the Partridge in a Pear Tree and ending with the Twelve Drummers Drumming these stories do not miss a single beat.

In A Pearfect Christmas, by CJ England old lovers get a second chance at love as a grandmother does everything she can to get her grandson the perfect gift for Christmas- the woman he gave up to help save her tree farm.  Will it be a jolly night?


In Turtledoves Meow, by Rusty Wicks a single mother is trying to find two turtledoves to fulfill her son’s Christmas wish.  Dashing into a pet store, her last resort to find the birds, she finds the man of her dreams instead in the pet shop owner.  Will she be able to fulfill her son’s Christmas wish and get to make a wish of her own?


In Noel’s Christmas Wish, by Emma Sinclair a young woman’s life is being over run by her father’s ex-wives.  They try to pick out the right man for her while belittling her appearance at the same time.  Fed up with their meddling, she asks her boss, who is also a friend, to accompany her to their annual Christmas party.  When he brings her a present for Christmas, will it be the gift she has always wanted from him or a lump of coal?


In Seducing The Songbird, by CJ England a gift of a singing telegram reunites two lovers who shared a one-night stand.  While in college, at a party they met, connected and shared a night of unforgettable passion.  He woke to find her gone and she left thinking he was engaged to be married and had used her.  Would they allow each other to get away again or would they accept a most precious Christmas gift?


In A Ring and A Prayer, by Rusty Wicks an angel trying to get her wings must give five gold rings to five deserving men.  If she makes the right decisions she can go back to heaven but if she doesn’t she will have to stay on earth.  In the process of finding the five deserving men, she finds herself falling in love.  Will she be able to complete her mission or will she take a chance on love?


In Goose Steps In The Snow, by Rusty Wicks a long-haul truck driver is talked into picking up six baby geese to take to a petting zoo for children.  He does not want to feel like a scrooge and agrees to pick up the geese.  The only thing he did not count on was his attraction to the woman donating the geese, nor did her count on her wanting to ride with him.  Would he be able to control himself or would he give into his lust?

In Holiday to Remember, by Emma Sinclair a young man takes his girl back to the place where they first made love.  He wants her to remember how much they love each other and all the plans they made because he has a special gift and important question to ask her this Christmas.

In The Reluctant Milkmaid, by CJ England a reporter is sent to a farm where she is to cover the milking contest.  Right off the bat, she butts heads with the owner of the farm where she is staying.  They cannot seem to stand each other but deep down there is a simmering lust between the two.  Will he be able to get past her city ways and can she adapt to farm life to have the best Christmas ever?

In A Dance and A Dream, by Rusty Wicks a dancer has had a rough year with the loss of her boyfriend, her apartment being robbed, and her cat runs away that she cannot even begin to think happy thoughts.  While practicing for a Christmas show another dancer, a handsome man, would like to spend time with her and get to know her.  She is afraid and tries to use him for sex.  Will she realize it is love in time to share a special Christmas?

In Leaping Into Love, by CJ England a spoiled princess must decide on a husband or her father will make her marry a man undesirable to her.  What can she do?  She is too meticulous and keeps eliminating men who do not fit her list of ten things that make the perfect husband.  Her friend Eiran, gallantly tries to help while knowing he loves her but due to an injury, which he thinks makes him imperfect, knows she will not pick him. Will she miss out on the love right before her eyes because she is looking for perfection that does not exist?

In Ménage For Christmas, by Emma Sinclair a young woman is reunited with lovers from her past.  She and the two male cousins started quite the rumors when they were all involved in a ménage, a trios relationship.  Because of the stares and whispers behind her back, she left them and had not spoken to them in years.  She is opening a hotel in their hometown and the cousins are doing work for her.  Will she allow the town to hold her back or will she share her love with the two best men she knows?

In Drummer Boy by Emma Sinclair a young woman’s dream of being a rock star might be lost if she cannot find a replacement drummer.  The bad part is the replacement drummer is her ex-boyfriend.  She has worked hard to get over him but seeing him and being with him has brought back all those feelings and she cannot handle it.  Will she give it another try with him or will she miss out on love a second time?

I really enjoyed this anthology.  It was hot and steamy in some stories, sweet and innocent in others.  It was a delightful read, sure to warm up those lonely holiday nights.

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