By Jessica
Apr 1, 2005 - 5:03:00 AM

Marina Martino, is not your regular kind of girl; she's tough, but commitment shy.  Truth be told, at 30 years old she has never had a boyfriend.  She does, however, have a real talent for counting cards.  She meets Miguel Rodriguez, steamy Latin lover, a dealer at a casino in Sin City.  Is he all he seems to be, or will giving her heart to him be a big mistake?

24/7 takes the reader on an exhilarating ride through Las Vegas and its fringes with Marina Martino.  Marina has no place for love in her life, because she believes she's unlovable and incapable of love.  But that was before she met the sexy card dealer, Miguel Rodriguez.


They are a perfect fit sexually, but Miguel's dark past put them both in danger.  Is our heroine strong enough to look beyond the perils to a future she is scared to face? Can two such similar, yet opposite people make it together?  Can Miguel tame his wild girl? Does he want to? Can she trust him?


Once you have passed over the first few pages of gambling descriptions, 24/7 definitely picks up pace.  This is a hard book to put down once you get into it, wanting to know what is going to happen next.


This first-timer author, slowly, but irrevocably pulls you in until you're one with the characters. You feel what they feel, see what they are literally taken to Las Vegas, seeing and experiencing everything.


Laced with a healthy dose of humour, you'll find yourself laughing out loud at times.  You root for characters, liking them despite their very real human frailties.


Susan DiPlacido has a winner on her hands. She captures the nitty gritty, real world of Sin City. You are taken into its underbelly by skillful use of language and colourful description. Expect the unexpected at every turn.

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