311 Pelican Court: Cedar Cove Series-book 3

Author: Debbie Macomber

Publisher: Mira Books

Release Date: Available Now

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Cedar Cove, Washington is the epitome of small town Americana, where everyone knows everyone else's business. 311 PELICAN COURT is the third book in the CEDAR COVE SERIES, which will bring you into the lives of many of the residents of this appealing town.

The two main characters in this story are Zach and Rosie Cox. Rosie thinks Zach has had an affair with his new assistant, Janice Lombard, and is spitting mad. Zach is furious with Rosie over being ignored, while she goes about her numerous charity works. He feels she does not spend enough time with the family. This has led them where they are today, in front of Judge Olivia Lockhart, for their divorce decree and child custody agreement. Judge Lockhart is known for her innovative rulings.  Today is no different, as she has granted them their divorce, but her ruling on the custody of the children has left them reeling. She has ruled that instead of shuffling the children between the parent's residences every few days, which the Judge says is emotionally detrimental to the children, Allison and Eddie; it will be Zach and Rosie who will move in and out of the family home. She feels that the children need stables lives and since they hadn't asked for the divorce, their lives shouldn't be disrupted more than it already has been. Rosie is working only part-time as a teacher and cannot afford an apartment and make half of the mortgage payments for the house. They decide she and Zach will share his apartment, she will be there when he is at the house with the children. How will they handle this divorce, where they now must deal with each other more than before? Will they both see how their stubbornness in not communicating and understanding the other person's needs has ruined their lives? Is this the best solution for the children?

Amongst the many characters: There is, Judge Olivia Lockhart, who has been seeing newspaper editor, Jack Griffin, but now her ex-husband Stan is back in town and has made it obvious he wants her back. Will Jack let her go without a fight? Can he win against the charismatic ex?

Librarian, widowed Grace Sherman, has had an on again off again relationship with rancher, Cliff Harding. Is this relationship on the rocks, because of her need to still be grieving for her husband? Or is she looking for something different?

Grace's daughter, Maryellen Sherman is pregnant but wants nothing to do with the baby's father, Jon Bowman. Will she allow him in the baby's life and will she let down her defenses? Or will she fight to keep him out of their lives?

There is also the mystery of who was the man who died at The Tide And Thyme, bed and breakfast. No one knows who is or why he was there, although owner Bob Beldon felt there was something familiar about him. Was this a normal death, suicide or murder?

311 PELICAN COURT is a wonderfully insightful story that brings to the reader the true essence of small town life; with realistic and endearing characters, you find yourself taken on a visit to this town, we all know so well from our own lives. You will feel you know each of the characters as someone from your past, as you journey with each of them as they make decisions that will affect not only themselves, but also others of this town. I loved this book and recommend it to anyone who enjoys a superb, well-written story that will have you chuckling as you think, I know someone just like that! This book is a definite keeper for my bookshelves.

Best-selling author Debbie Macomber has always been an all time favorite of mine and she did not disappointment with this book either. Although I have not read the first books in this series, I will soon remedy this error of judgment on my part. I look forward to Ms. Macomber's next book 44 CRANBERRY POINT, to learn more about the characters I have come to know and love in this book.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sandra Tibbetts

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