317 Beulah Street
By Alane
Aug 25, 2003 - 11:48:00 AM

Nicholas Proffit is taking photographs in Central America when a two-year-old letter from his sister-in-law Jenna arrives and he learns of his older brother Craig’s sudden death.  Slowed by a serious fever, he finally arrives in Harmony Hills, Georgia.  Nick, who has been considered second best since the day he was born, has only been back to his old hometown a couple of times since leaving home at 18.  Considering how relieved he was to get away, he’s surprised by the homesickness he feels when he sees the town.  He’s even more surprised to discover that Jenna and her sons no longer live in their beautiful house on desirable Magnolia Drive.  They’re living in a ramshackle old house on Beulah Street and they have tenants instead of servants.

Jenna Proffit is surprised and happy to see Nick, and her two young sons quickly bond with their uncle.  Even after two years Jenna is still having trouble coming to terms with Craig’s death and the scandal that developed soon after.  Outwardly she’s getting back on her feet; she’s been gradually fixing up the old house, finding tenants and raising her boys, but she still hasn’t quite figured out how to move on.  Twyla Mae, an elderly woman who notices everything that goes on, was already living in the house when Jenna and Craig bought it as a fixer-upper. Her good friend and tenant Suzanne is a single mother and owner of her own coffee shop.  Jenna’s newest tenant Faith, also a single mother, needs to get herself and her daughter settled in at their own pace.  Jenna, Suzanne and Faith all have at least one thing in common – they never expected to find themselves in their current situations.


Nick has always loved Jenna and he was devastated when Jenna chose Craig instead.  Time, distance and Jenna’s marriage to his brother have not diminished his feelings for her.  Will he always feel second best and unworthy of Jenna?  With a little encouragement from family and friends, Jenna begins to admit to herself that she sees Nick as a man and not just as her brother-in-law.  Should she explore her new feelings to see where they will lead?  Jenna has faith in Craig’s innocence in the scandal that turned the town against them just days after his death.  Can Jenna get involved with Nick even if he never shares her unshakable belief in Craig?


317 BEULAH STREET is a story of love, romance, friendship and family; of obstacles to overcome and new challenges to face.  It was wonderful to see how Jenna her friends banded together to create a safe, happy, loving environment for their children, setting good examples by their own actions.  They refused to be defeated by the attitudes of the town’s elite.  Life hasn’t always been kind and it hasn’t always been fair but they’ve come through their trials stronger than ever.  Jenna’s friends were behind her to offer encouragement and support when she began to feel ready to give romance with Nick a try.  When the story ended, I felt like I was leaving good friends behind.  I enjoyed the visit!

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