39 & Holding

Author: Tia Bangs

Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.

Release Date: October 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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After years of putting others needs first, Melissa has decided to take some time for herself before she turns 40.  Her two kids go away to her parent’s house for a week and she starts to make some changes in her life.  Between getting a new haircut and some new clothes, she is making a big start; however, her new magical powers may be a tad over the top on the changes she is making in her life.

Brent has been sent to help Melissa learn about her new powers.  His last trainee did not do so well and he was sent into exile as punishment for 200 years.  Now, Brent is in the process learning to deal with other people, namely Melissa and her best friend Liz, after being alone for so long.


Melissa’s powers are wonderful and frightening at the same time.  It is a huge responsibility to be able to wish for something and have it appear.  But with one wrong word, pigs fly and Brent is hip deep in …never mind – but it is really funny and Brent is really ticked.  In addition to romance, this book has a magical battle that will either save the world or destroy it.


39 AND HOLDING is a humorous read that will make you giggle.  The emotional romance between Melissa and Brent is one that will make your heart sing and the touch of paranormal adds something unique that is rarely seen.  Ms. Bangs also included a wonderful friendship in this book that every woman dreams of having; Liz is the ultimate role-model in an accepting and supportive friend.  This book is definitely a keeper and I am hoping that we will soon see Liz and Melissa’s kids come into a book of their very own by this delightful author. 

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Staci Kilpatrick

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