3 Brides for 3 Bad Boys
By Alane
Feb 1, 2005 - 11:34:00 AM


Phoebe Garrison's ex-fiance is back in town but she only has eyes for his half-brother, Rand.  Sure, Carter Sloane is great-looking too, but even if he hadn't practically left Phoebe at the altar several years ago he still wouldn't measure up to Rand Alexander.  She knows that both men are more interested in an island she recently inherited than in Phoebe herself, but it doesn't matter to her.  She would do anything to be with Rand and she really couldn't care less about Carter anymore.  Phoebe certainly doesn't appreciate hearing that he thinks Rand is out of her league!

Rand Alexander has a reputation as a womanizer.  Ever since losing his wife and child, he just hasn't been interested in any one woman.  Phoebe is hard to resist but Rand is sure he could never want more with her than a fling.  Then Phoebe offers Luna Island to Rand in exchange for one week in his bed.  What will happen when the time is up?




Carter Sloane isn't the bad guy everyone seems to think he is.  Yes, he left his fiance Phoebe Garrison but he had a good reason.  Carter wasn't sure he could be faithful to her, so he called off the wedding.  He was strongly attracted to another woman and he refused to follow in his philandering father's footsteps.  But Carter has grown since then.  He's finally realized that there is truly only one woman he's wanted all along.


Daisy Jackson doesn't know what to think when Carter Sloane suddenly shows an interest in her.  She's secretly lusted after him for years but since he owns the company where she works, she considers him off-limits.  She doesn't know that Carter has wanted her for years too. When he offers her $500,000 to marry him, Daisy doesn't know what to think.  Carter needs to get married to receive his inheritance, but why did he choose Daisy?  And why would he offer to pay her?   Will Daisy give Carter a chance?




Colton Denning is stunned when he wakes up with a hangover, beside a beautiful woman in Las Vegas.  Steady, stable Colton doesn't drink, date showgirls or have one-night stands as a rule.  He doesn't remember the woman's name or anything about the previous night.  After penning a short note he slips out of the room, determined to put the incident behind him.  He's heading to Mexico to get ready to meet his brothers on Luna Island.


Fayre Cranston thought Colton Denning was different.  He seemed so honest and sincere, and genuinely interested in her as a person and not just as a Vegas showgirl.  When she awakens to find only a note instead of the man she expected by her side, Fayre decides to throw caution to the wind and follow him.  She isn't even sure why she's bothering but Colton has a lot of explaining to do!  How will he react if Fayre manages to track him down?  Does she even want him after the way he treated her in Las Vegas?


Although they didn't grow up together, gorgeous half-brothers Rand, Carter and Colton share plenty of good qualities.  They also share a philandering father, an interest in Phoebe's Luna Island and they will soon share Sloane Electronics if Carter has anything to say about it.  I loved watching them gradually grow to accept themselves and each other as each story progressed.  Each of the three heroines is a strong, confident woman in her own unique way.  The combination of distinctive plots with steamy, sensual relationships and impressive heroes and heroines makes 3 BRIDES FOR 3 BAD BOYS impossible to put down.  I'm glad I don't have to choose a favorite because it wouldn't be easy!  I love interconnected stories like these.  What better treat than finding all three in one book?  Very highly recommended!

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