8 Sandpiper Way
By Mammakim
Aug 23, 2008 - 7:17:27 PM

Emily Flemming feels that her husband, Dave, is hiding something. She has found earrings in his jacket pocket and he has been late from work many nights leaving her two boys to question where he is and why he is not home for dinner with them. He refuses to tell his wife where he was and when Emily finally breaks down and says something to her mother, she agrees but says it may not be an affair but that he is hiding something.

Troy Davis is not only trying to solve a mystery of missing jewelry for the late Martha Evans, he is also dealing with the fact that his long lost love, Faith, has moved into town. He had started dating Faith but broke it off when his daughter, Megan, was upset over him dating after the death of his wife, Sandy. Faith ends up meeting Megan at her first day on the job at Cedar Cove Medical Clinic and they hit it off. Faith is afraid to tell her that she was dating her father at the time of her miscarriage months ago.


Bobby and Terri Polgar just found out they are having triplets and are excited over the new development in the pregnancy. Terri’s sister, Christie Levitt, has had her troubles in the past but now Bobby’s driver, James, seems to have fallen for her. She is confused and wants nothing to do with him but in her heart she knows she has feelings for him. James has a secret that may change his life once again and put a new spin on Christie’s love for him.


8 SANDPIPER WAY is another fabulous story from Debbie Macomber. She can weave a story that will keep you enthralled for hours, not wanting to put it down. There is so much happening in Cedar Cove it is impossible to not feel like you are visiting old friends. In 8 SANDPIPER WAY it is Emily and Dave Flemming’s story. While Emily thinks that Dave is having an affair, Dave is shocked that she thinks he could betray her. Can they hold it together until the truth comes out? 8 SANDPIPER WAY is a wonderful way to spend a lazy afternoon but make sure you have a whole afternoon free; you won’t want to miss a minute of the eighth story in the Cedar Cove series.

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