A Gift to Remember
By Jo
Jan 5, 2015 - 11:59:53 PM

A GIFT TO REMEMBER takes place in New York City during the Christmas season and has an amnesiac (Aidan), a lover of books who is trying to help him remember who he is especially since she played a part in his accident (Darcy), and a lovable dog (Bailey) amongst others.  A heartwarming story with lots of twists and turns to the storyline and each chapter starting with a quote that was a nice touch.

Hill's A GIFT TO REMEMBER had elements of romantic suspense throughout as Darcy and Aidan are trying to piece together his life from clues she assembles after she collides with him while riding her bike.  The tremendous guilt she feels as he recuperates in the hospital makes her want to do anything she can to help him regain his memory.  There are laugh out loud moments as well as tearful and angst ridden ones.  There are clues that point to nowhere or send Darcy in the wrong direction but throughout it's fun to see her resourcefulness as well as the help she gets from others.  She and her aunt, Katherine, who raised her finally connect at a new level that was endearing but didn't give me closure.  Darcy's coworkers are helpful especially Joshua. She and her neighbor of three years, Grace, connect as friends having never said more than a few words to each other before - all thanks to Bailey.  Nate was an interesting character although we probably only scratched the surface. Watching the pieces of the puzzle that is Aidan's life fit together was fun to watch but heartbreaking when they didn't fit.  There were books, books and more books, a beautiful brownstone, millionaires galore, friends and family along with some romance and love. The epilogue was a nice touch with a happily ever after in the offing but I needed better closure.

Hill is an author I've read once before - A GIFT FROM TIFFANY'S, which was also set in New York but in Ireland as well.  I found A GIFT TO REMEMBER much more to my liking and look forward to enjoying other books that she's penned.

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