A Girl's Guide to Moving On, New Beginnings series, book 2
By Diana S
Feb 25, 2016 - 8:07:22 PM

Nichole is a young stay-at-home mom of her son Owen and her husband Jake is always ready with the thoughtfulness of a man still in love after a few years of marriage. When Nichole finds out from her mother-in-law, Leanne, that Jake has been having an affair and the woman is pregnant with Jake's baby, Nichole is heartbroken and mortified. When Jake acts cavalier about the whole affair, Nichole decides she can't trust him anymore and files for divorce.

Leanne, Jake's mother, decides it is time for her to do the same thing but the difference is Leanne has known about her husband, Sean, and his women for most of their thirty-five years of marriage. Leanne thinks of Nichole as a daughter and knows that it is Nichole's courage in ending her marriage that helps Leanne follow suit. Leanne and Nichole, with her son Owen, get apartments in the same building in the city right across the hall from each other. Leanne and Nichole make up a list titled A Guide to Moving On as a way to help them get through the emotional side of the divorce. They decide to both start with some volunteer work to get their minds off their divorces. Both have college degrees and find volunteer teaching positions.

Leanne is teaching English to immigrants who want to learn to speak and understand the language meanings better. One of Leanne's students is a man from the Ukraine who falls for Leanne right away. Nikolai and Leanne start dating and learning how to enjoy life together.

Nichole meets a tow truck driver by the name of Rocco when he comes to pull her out of the ditch. Rocco knows right away that he wants to see Nichole as friends. Not wanting to start another relationship as yet, Nichole decides to be friends with Rocco and see where it takes them.

When both ex-husbands decide they want their wives back it is a tug-of-war to try and get them away from their new men friends. The struggles of the new men in the women's lives trying not to be jealous is funny in some instances. The back and forth discussions of both couples are a joy to read and make you laugh and cry at different intervals.

I give this novel 5 Blue Ribbons on Romance Junkies' website because having been through a divorce I can sort of understand the discussions and hard decisions to make. I wasn't married very long but when there is a child involved it makes it more difficult. Anyone who reads and loves Debbie Macomber's books will certainly be entertained again in this new novel.

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