A Love Like Ours - Porter Family series, book 3
By Dottie
Jun 2, 2015 - 4:16:19 PM

As young children, Lyndie James and Jake Porter had been the best of friends. She tagged along with him everywhere he went and he was her protector.  But one day they were torn apart when her family moved across country, leaving the two feeling as if they were without an anchor.

Now Lyndie is back in Texas. In the twenty years since that devastating day, her love for horses has continued unabated. In California, she could not fulfill her dream of becoming a jockey because no one was willing to take a chance on her. But now that she has returned to Texas, she hopes to find a position at Whispering Creek Thoroughbred Ranch, where Jake trains horses and his brother Bo manages the ranch. Although Lyndie has dreamed of returning to the place where she grew up, she had been needed to help care for her younger sister Mollie. A tragedy at birth had resulted in a severe case of cerebral palsy for Mollie, leaving her blind and unable to speak, while she suffered daily, sometimes hourly, seizures and the occasional bout of pneumonia. Only the family's strong faith in God has helped them handle the situation.

In the years apart from Lyndie, Jake has fulfilled his dream of becoming a Marine, like his father and grandfather before him. But that all came to an end when an IED exploded in Iraq, killing the three men on patrol with him, and leaving Jake physically and emotionally scarred. Jack is suffering with PTSD and survivor's guilt, in addition to the scars over his face and body. Worse of all, the tragedy had shaken his faith in God. Since leaving the Marines, Jake has been working as the horse trainer for Whispering Creek and building quite a reputation for himself. However, he had been hurt badly when his friend Lyndie left years ago and now she is the last person he wants to see. Jack cannot take any more pain in his life, so he tries to avoid her.

With the help of Jake's brother Bo, Lyndie is hired to exercise the horses and she is devastated by the suffering she sees in Jake's eyes and his distant behavior towards her. She tries to stick to doing her job, but she is determined to help him. Lyndie is responsible for exercising five horses, but there is one, in particular, that she is really drawn to. Silver Leaf seems to be a promising racehorse, but he refuses to run for anyone. Figuring that the issues suffered by horse and trainer are connected, Lyndie sets out to help both of them. As Lyndie spends her days working with the thoroughbreds under Jake's watchful eyes, she begins to fall once more for her troubled ex-best friend.

As Jake spends his days near Lyndie, her optimism provides him with the stirrings of hope. As they grow closer, he feels his protectiveness towards her returning until it becomes the most important thing in his life. So when Lyndie sees her chance to fulfill her lifelong dream, Jake only sees the danger to her and tries to keep her from it. Will the possibility of danger destroy the budding relationship and any chance of a future for them? Will his restored relationship with Lyndie and her family help Jake in renewing his faith, or will the loss of his faith be the stumbling block that causes him to lose the woman he loves?

A truly inspiring novel, A LOVE LIKE OURS, the third book in author Becky Wade's PORTER FAMILY series, is an emotion-packed, poignant contemporary romance that is sure to touch the hearts of its readers. I loved this story and enjoyed witnessing Lyndie and Jake overcome their issues and put their faith in God as their love for each other deepens. Lyndie is very compassionate and empathetic, qualities, I believe, which were influenced through the years of loving and caring for her ailing sister. These attributes are also shown as she cares for Silver Leaf. To survive the horror Jake has witnessed, he built up walls around his heart and keeps a distance between him and everyone else. But Lyndie's love for Jake is strong and she is determined to come out the victor.

God, hope, faith, tragedy, PTSD, survivor's guilt, forgiveness, healing and love make this timely tale one that readers will not soon forget.  This is the first book of this series that I have read, so I can assure you that it can be read as a standalone. However, that being said, I must admit that once I read this novel, I immediately began searching for the rest. A wonderful author, Ms. Wade pens true-to-life characters with realistic problems that readers can relate to. Her uplifting stories will leave you feeling good, while the journey to the last page may be strewn with laughter and tears. Be sure to pick up your own copy of A LOVE LIKE OURS today and discover Ms. Wade's unique talent for yourself!

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