A New Hope - Thunder Point series, book 8

Author: Robyn Carr

Publisher: Harlequin

Release Date: June 30, 2015

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5 + RR

Format: PRINT

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This is the story of Ginger Dysart, who was introduced to us in the previous book in this series. After a devastating year with a painful divorce and the death of her infant son to SIDS, Ginger comes to live with her aunt in Thunder Point. Being in a constant state of depression with a wish to die, Ginger is in no place to make new friends but her aunt decides she needs a makeover and a job. Working at the flower shop in Thunder Point has helped her come out of her funk.

As the story begins, Ginger is helping her boss Grace with the flowers at the wedding of a friend at the family farm. Ginger can't go to the wedding because it will be too painful, but she agrees to be at the reception. Unfortunately, the bride's brother Matt is drunk and attempts to grope Ginger, who, out of desperation, pushes him away, causing him to fall and hit his head. Ginger screams for help which causes her new friend, the bride, to come running. Matt is hauled off by his brothers and the fun continues but Ginger goes home.

Matt Lacoumette has also had an awful year going through a divorce, so he has turned into a grouchy man who drinks too much and uses women when he pleases. After his sister gets done chewing him out, he knows he has to go to Thunder Point and apologize for his rudeness to Ginger. After his apology blossoms into a friendship and their shared personal tragedies bring them closer together, they both feel more alive and ready to get on with their lives.

Ginger has vowed to never experience the pain she has been through after previous bad romantic decisions. She knows she feels better with Matt than she ever felt with her ex, but she is also sure there are secrets Matt is not sharing with her. Both Matt and Ginger have sworn to never go down the same path again but realize they are falling in love with each other. Will Ginger and Matt be able to get over their painful experiences and find happiness together?

Reading this story of past hurts and sacrifices made, brings to life the feelings we all have had crushed at some time in our life. If you enjoy small towns, exploits of the inhabitants of said town, and the togetherness of people when someone is in need of a true makeover into a happy life, then I highly recommend Robyn Carr's books. You'll become so involved in her stories that you feel like you live there in the small town. I have given this novel 5 Blue Ribbons plus a Recommended Read because I feel so refreshed after reading about the kindness of humanity and the coming together of friends who help one another in A NEW HOPE.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Diana S

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