A Paris Apartment
By Michele Rioli
Oct 12, 2015 - 12:37:57 PM

Oui, off to Paris I go! Sotheby’s authority expert on antiquated furniture, lovely April Vogt, is excited to go on an extended jaunt to her favorite city after her boss assigns her to a position appraising furniture in a neglected apartment in the ninth arrondissement in Paris. Her marriage is tricky and rickety, so time spent apart from her philandering, workaholic husband just might be the ticket to sorting out her emotions. Also, she has issues with her parents, which weighs on her conscience. Therefore, perhaps by immersing herself in her work, maybe the universe will align just so, offering her insights into her thoughts and dreams, she hopes! What surprises await April?

Oh…my…gosh! April is awestruck, walking inside the furniture stuffed apartment for the first time in Paris. Everywhere, there are loads of museum quality pieces tantalizing her to dash in every direction at once! Who would lock up a flat for over seventy years, she wonders? Thus, starts April’s mission. Discovering some diaries amidst the hodgepodge, April reads them briefly and learns that Marthe De Florian, a courtesan of the highest order, owned the place. April is steadfast in unearthing juicy tidbits into the personal life of this intriguing lady and her acquisition of all the furniture, knickknacks and paintings, particularly the one painting of Marthe, herself, by Giovanni Boldini, no less! April has high expectations that the diaries will prove useful in obtaining provenance on the painting by Boldini.

With assistance from a roguishly attractive man named Luc Thebault, the estate solicitor, April discovers from her perusals of the journals that Marthe is an exquisite woman looking for love and waiting to be loved back. Hmm…sounds like April’s own life. As she studies the diaries, it reveals the many trials and tribulations of Marthe De Florian and her vocation as a lady of the night. Only April finds out more than she bargains for in the process. Plus, there is her budding attraction to Luc, for goodness sake. It is a pointless disruption or is it, particularly since Luc is smitten with her also. What’s with her, anyway? What could possibly happen next?

Stay tuned, A PARIS APARTMENT is a delightful surprise from beginning to end! It is a very smart, stylish and seasoned with romance, soapbox novel. The author expertly ties together two different storylines, one involving April, furniture appraiser, and her troubles, in current day format, along with the journal entries of Marthe De Florian, courtesan de’ la, woo-woo! Sometimes the author parallels their lives and the story flows seamlessly. I just adored reading the diaries of Marthe! What an enchanting woman with a sparkling personality to match! The stunts that Marthe pulls on her male suitors, to get in their good graces, well…you have to read to believe! Ms. Gable skillfully mingles genuine historical facts with an imaginary storyline to the hilt! Kudos to Ms. Gable! I love historical romance stories with an unexpected twist and this one really delivers! Michelle Gable has penned a tour de force! A PARIS APARTMENT is inventive, unique and exceptionally entertaining. This is definitely worth keeping!

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