A Peach of a Pair

Author: Kim Boykin

Publisher: Berkley

Release Date: August 4, 2015

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4


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A PEACH OF A PAIR is set in the fifties, mainly in the rural town of Camden, South Carolina. Emily and Lurleen are elderly sisters who need a companion to help with cleaning, cooking, and nursing Lurleen. Nettie unexpectedly leaves college before graduating and needs somewhere to go other than home to Alabama. When she's hired by Remmy, the young small-town doctor, from a flyer she found at her college, healing begins for all of them in more ways than one.

Boykin's A PEACH OF A PAIR welcomed me with open arms thanks to Southern hospitality, sweet tea, and lots of family secrets. Each chapter was told from a different person's viewpoint--Nettie's, Emily's, Lurleen's, or Remmy's--which could be confusing at times. Nettie was running from her problems after being betrayed by her ex-fiancé and her sister, Sissy. She didn't want to go home to what would greet her, so she turned her back on her family--and rightfully so after seeing them in action.

Emily and Lurleen had their own secrets and family issues to deal with, and we get to know about their history little by little throughout the story. The heartache each of them endured was heart-wrenching, but there were heartwarming moments as well. Even Remmy and his sister, Katie, have their share of darkness.

As we get to know each of the characters, we understand a little bit more of what their lives are like. Emily usually thought only of herself, but every now and then she'd catch herself--or Lurleen would make her think about her actions, and she would make the effort to be nice. Her harebrained scheme to get Lurleen healthy did have more cons than pros and was not what I was expecting. The buses and trains they had to take to get Lurleen to a faith healer in Texas had special moments throughout and brought the three women closer.

It was one adventure after another with Remmy staying involved via phone calls from Nettie to keep him apprised of Lurleen's health. But was that the only reason for her calls? There were a lot of twists and turns to the story. Confrontations, sadness, tears, secrets exposed and romance all intertwined in A PEACH OF A PAIR. And things aren't always what they seem, as we learn over and over again.

There was loss throughout the story, and darkness overshadowed a good portion of the book. Although issues were resolved, the book ended too abruptly for me, which I found disappointing. There seems to be more story to tell.

Boykin is a new-to-me author, and I will add her books to my always growing TBR pile so I can give some more of them a try.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Jo

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