A SEAL's Pleasure
By Dottie
Apr 21, 2015 - 12:41:40 PM

Confident and competitive, Chief Petty Officer Gabriel Thorne, explosives expert and Navy SEAL, never seems to lose a bet, whether it concerns the pool table, the shooting range or the ladies. In fact, his luck with the ladies has left him with the call name Romeo. Following the rules his grandfather taught him, Gabriel managed to survive leaving the reservation and living on the streets after the old man's death. Finally, he left the slums, joined the Navy and became a SEAL. Those rules defined him. But team member Jackrabbit, who lost to Gabriel, is not so enthused. He believes that Gabriel's luck will run out one day and he doesn't want to be on a mission with him when it happens.

Tessa Monroe is used to being admired to the point that she barely notices it anymore. Her best friend, Olivia Kane, is marrying Gabriel's commander. At a party for the couple, Tessa meets Gabriel. The highest thing on Tessa's off limits test is military men, especially those devoted enough to the service that they become SEALs. Adding to Tessa's prejudice against marriage is the fact that her own mother had married six times. Tessa knows that her friend is making a mistake, but she cannot do anything about it. So, acting completely out of character, she ignores her instincts, puts aside her personal prejudices and for the first time fakes delight over Olivia's impending marriage to a military man and a SEAL at that. Seeing her friend's glow of happiness and aware of Olivia's pregnancy, Tessa drops the subject and looks for a distraction. Seeing Gabriel, Tessa nearly runs. He causes emotions to run through her that she refuses to identify. The intensity of those feelings have not lessened in the six months since she first met him.

The men are his team and Gabriel never lets them down. That evening at the party, Gabriel receives many intriguing offers, but there is only one woman who interests him – Tessa, the only one who has ever turned him down. Neither Gabriel nor Tessa are interested in a serious relationship, but they cannot deny the chemistry that exists between them. However, while Tessa is willing to give into her desire for him temporarily, he is set on romancing her. Discovering that Tessa is Olivia's maid of honor while he is the best man gives Gabriel the opportunity he is looking for. As he puts his plans into action, the desire between them turns into something more as their hearts become involved. Will they be following Olivia and her fiancé down the aisle, or will they walk away from each other?

A sexy tale, A SEAL'S PLEASURE, the latest book in New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Tawny Weber's SEXY SEALS series, is a witty, sensual, contemporary romance that will have readers avidly turning the pages. Gabriel and Tessa are perfectly matched and the sparks fly whenever they are near each other. Getting the chance to revisit the characters from the previous books in this series provides additional enjoyment.

The buildup to the sex scenes is just as explosively hot as the actual scenes themselves. Each time I read one of Ms. Weber's books, I believe that this one cannot possibly be surpassed, but she continuously manages to surprise me. Although I fell in love with all of the stories in this series, this one may be the best yet. If you are looking for a great story with plenty of heat, humor and heart, pick up a copy of A SEAL'S PLEASURE. I am sure you will love it as much as I did!

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