Back for You (A Forsythia Falls Story)
By Chrissy Dionne
Jun 2, 2014 - 1:35:12 PM

Thea Maguire has grown up a lot in the past ten years. She hasn’t spent the years after Cain’s abandonment longing for his return. She’s gone off with life, dated, owns and runs her own business. She’s an independent woman and just because Cain’s strolled back into town and has pulled out all the stops in a warped bid to win her heart doesn’t mean she’s going to fall gratefully into his arms and bed.

Cain Marshall enjoyed his life as a freelance reporter. He’d had the opportunity to see the world and meet many exciting people but that all came crashing down around him when someone he was interviewing was gunned down in front of him. His priorities have changed and now he’s back in Forsythia Falls where he fully intends to pursue Thea and prove that he’s back to stay.

Cain knows he screwed up with Thea when he left without any real explanation. He wasn’t even brave enough to face her, just left a ‘good-bye note.’ He’s hopeful that she’ll get over her ire and be willing to at least give him another shot, but it’s been ten years and she’s had a lot of time to reevaluate her life and the sort of man she wants in it.

In her opinion Cain’s already proven himself to be unreliable, so what if he’s sexier than ever and just the sight of him sends her hormones into overdrive? That doesn’t mean she should forget the past and let her heart get involved and crushed again. Her friends, Lexi and Asia, think it’s a great idea to exorcize Cain’s memory from her system, maybe then she won’t be comparing every man she dates to him. At first Thea’s opposed to the idea but on second thought, as long as she doesn’t allow emotions to get involved there’s nothing wrong with indulging in her carnal fantasies with Cain. What she doesn’t count on is Cain pulling a little counter warfare against her attempts to guard her heart.

Anara Bella entices readers back to Forsythia Falls with her newest release BACK FOR YOU. While Thea and Cain’s relationship obviously is going to be a tense one full of confused emotions there’s a wealth of humor instilled throughout this story that makes it a whole lot of fun to read. I really got a kick out of Thea’s drunk dialing Cain to proposition him and her morning after embarrassment when Cain confronts her about it. I loved reading about Lexi, Asia and Thea’s girl time – when they basically kick back, indulge in alcohol, good food and talk about boys and sex. There’s something to be treasured in those moments. BACK FOR YOU is fun, sexy, emotionally charged, full of passion and good friends - exactly what a good read should be.

For Thea’s friend Asia’s story be sure to pick up a copy of BOUND AND DETERMINED – and be on the lookout for sex deprived Lexi’s story in the future.

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