Bound and Determined

Author: Anara Bella

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Release Date: August 16, 2011

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Asia Smith has sworn off men but that doesn’t stop her from being incredibly attracted to Marcus Thorne.  So far she’s managed to avoid interacting with him as much as possible but avoidance is no longer possible.  As luck would have it her grandmother’s antique shop has been robbed and Asia, who’s been hog-tied, is left behind the counter… and the only person who enters the shop and comes to her assistance is Marcus.  The last thing she wants is for him to see her in such a humiliating position but the alternative is much less appealing.

Marcus is a bestselling author used to lots of female attention, but it’s Asia’s indifferent demeanor that draws him.  She’s a challenge he can’t resist and his frequent visits to the antique shop and friendly gestures don’t seem to be swaying her in his direction.  When he comes to her rescue after the robbery and touches her in an effort to free her from the ropes he discovers that she’s not as opposed to him as she’d have him believe.  He’s determined to break through her defenses and discover the soft giving woman he’s sure is hidden beneath that hard façade.


Asia’s friends and grandmother worry about her aversion to dating and men in general.  Her broken engagement and cheating ex have made her distrustful and she’s too scared to jump back into the dating pool even though it’s been two years.  Gram’s creative maneuvering does the trick though as it forces Asia into Marcus’s company at one of her weaker moments and she decides to throw caution to the wind and scratch that itch she’s tried so hard to ignore.  Having Asia in his bed is as exciting as Marcus imagined but winning her trust is proving to be a far bigger challenge.  Fortunately Marcus loves a good challenge.


BOUND AND DETERMINED is a fast paced fun read full of interesting characters, raw emotion and scorching sex scenes that will have you fanning your face.  This is one of those stories that capture your attention right off the bat because of the main character’s perspective on life and her particular situation.  Asia’s aversion to getting involved with another man is certainly understandable considering her broken engagement but Marcus’s persistence and easygoing nature prove to be a soothing balm that gives her the courage to give love a second try.  No matter what your mood is when you pick this book up you’ll put it down with a smile on your face and eager to find out what Anara Bella’s next release will bring.  Personally I’m hoping to see stories for Asia’s friends, Thea and Lexi, who are so helpful with Asia’s love life but completely neglecting their own.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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