Home to Stay

Author: Ann B. Morris

Publisher: Wild Rose Press

Release Date: February 4, 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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It’s been ten years since Jenna Stanhope and Shane McCrea broke up under extremely difficult circumstances.  His return to Twin Creeks is causing a lot of trepidation in Jenna.  In a reckless moment he destroyed their love – and made a baby with another woman – that’s something Jenna’s never gotten over.

Since she’s the grade school principal and Shane’s daughter is now nine years old it’s a sure bet that they’ll be running into each other at school functions.  Jenna’s not at all sure she’s prepared to see Shane and his wife Bunny – they’d serve as a constant reminder of what she could have had. 


Shane’s return to Twin Creeks isn’t without worries of his own.  He has moved home to help his sisters care for their father who has Alzheimer’s but secretly he holds out hope of salving something of the relationship he once shared with Jenna – even though he’s aware that she’s engaged to marry.


All these years since they parted haven’t dimmed the feelings between them.  Jenna isn’t ready to hear anything Shane has to say that isn’t in relation to his daughter’s school but she might want to hear what he has to say because it will affect their future.  There’s also that little issue of her engagement – apparently his sister’s gossip pipeline broke down because the engagement’s been off for the past two weeks.    


Ann B. Morris brings to mind all the wild impulsiveness of youth and the lingering memories of your first love with her short story HOME TO STAY.   As you read this charming tale it becomes obvious that Jenna and Shane are meant to be together and they regret their separation.  The one bright spot in all of this is Shane’s daughter, Casey.  She’s an adorable little girl who could really use a good mother figure and Jenna would fill that position perfectly.  If you’re looking for a quick feel good story then this is exactly the sort of tale you need.  It brings a smile to your heart.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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