The Great Escape
By Jo
Feb 20, 2014 - 9:10:41 PM

THE GREAT ESCAPE is a story that is overshadowed by darkness and such trials and tribulations that Dee must live with as a part of her young life.  With parents who are deceased and an unloving, unforgiving aunt and uncle who are her guardians, her life as she's known it no longer exists.

Carpenter's THE GREAT ESCAPE had so many twists and turns to the storyline and some of it we learn after the fact in Dee's retelling of events in her life since her parents were killed in an accident.  I was rooting for Dee all the way to get her life back no matter how many brick walls she hit.  There were evil relatives, acquaintances but no real friends, laughter which was usually overshadowed by tears, along with injuries, heartache, bitterness, loneliness and ultimately love.  Dee was strong willed and focused on her life and how she had to live it. Mike and Dee had a lot of chemistry that they fought for several reasons - their age difference, her young age and their connection to each other.  There was an alluded to happily ever after but for better closure I would need a few more chapters or an epilogue since the book ended very abruptly.

Carpenter is an author I've recently found. I have read several of her books recently and although contemporaries they each have such different storylines and deal with vastly varied subjects.  I look forward to reading more of her books and ones she's written as Thea Harrison as well.

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