Sackmaster (Necessary Roughness, Book 1)
By Chrissy Dionne
Jul 27, 2013 - 4:46:01 AM

Football player Jimmy Bronson’s transfer to the Savannah Rebels wasn’t just a career move.  He needed to put some distance between himself and the memories of his disastrous and disappointing marriage and subsequent divorce.  As a Dom, he’s aware his kink isn’t for everyone, but surely out there somewhere is a woman who’s fantasies involve being bare from head to toe.  Unfortunately his ex’s betrayal is still fresh in his mind so finding the perfect submissive to compliment his tastes is going to be difficult – until he sees his fantasy woman in a magazine, then a billboard… and then shocker of all shockers, living right there in his condo building.

Julie Silver discovered how much of an erogenous zone a shaved head can be when she agreed to go bald as a way of helping raise funds for cancer research.  She’s a natural submissive but since her divorce hasn’t ventured back into the BDSM scene; in fact, she hasn’t even taken a lover simply because no one she’s met has had the qualities she’s looking for.  There’s also the concern because of her newly discovered passion for going sans hair (and a few of her modeling jobs actually prefer her that way) but not many men would understand or share her intense satisfaction in keeping her head bald. 


Since the last assignment requiring Julie to shave off her locks, she’s allowed it to grow back, but she has an upcoming modeling session and the client has requested she shave it off again.  Julie’s fine with that, but she’s become enamored of her neighbor Jimmy and fears he won’t be interested in her once she’s sporting a ‘chrome dome.’  She shouldn’t have feared because Jimmy’s already spotted the advertisement and the billboard featuring her and finds her look extremely desirable; however he hasn’t put two and two together and realized that Julie is the girl in the ad yet.   Once he does, all bets are off!  Jimmy has no doubt that Julie is exactly what he needs in a submissive and he’s more than determined to win in this game of love as he is in sacking quarterbacks on the football field.


Ann Jacobs never fails to impress me with her writing – and the risks she takes with some of her characters.  For me it can go one way or the other – clean shaved head or long flowing locks on a man, but not once have I ever considered shaving off my own hair.  I certainly would have never considered it sexy, until I read SACKMASTER, now I’m thinking ‘why not?.’  It would certainly cut down on shampoo expenses!   SACKMASTER goes beyond this particular kink though and displays a genuine fondness for Dominance/submission that is appealing in its intensity while still being loving and fun.  Jimmy and Julie are high profile characters so it’s interesting to see how their relationship plays out – especially since their career paths are so very different.  Ms. Jacobs’ books have long been a staple in my reading library and this story is a prime example of why she is such a favored author.


The NECESSARY ROUGHNESS series is a spinoff from Ms. Jacob’s GRIDIRON LOVERS.  There are four titles in this series which I’ve listed below:






Or if you prefer to read them in print format you could pick up a copy of NECESSARY ROUGHNESS which contains all four stories in one handy dandy edition.

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