Ribbons and Lace (Red Velvet Christmas)
By Chrissy Dionne
Jan 13, 2014 - 4:13:40 AM

Amanda-Lyn is simply looking for a paycheck when she takes the job as Santa’s Elf at the mall.  OK, well a paycheck and maybe a little one on one naked time with her boss, Mr. Delgado.  She’s not looking for love or a happily-ever-after.  Her ex-fiancé ruined that whole scenario for her but there’s nothing wrong with dreaming of a little loving with her extremely sexy boss.

Leonardo Delgado has admired Amanda-Lyn from afar, but then he learned that she was engaged and he thought that’s all it would ever be – a secret crush.  When he learned about her fiancé’s infidelity his heart ached for her, but he bided his time and used his money and influence to make sure she was safe while watching over her without her knowledge.  He even arranged for her to learn about the job as Santa’s elf – just hoping that she’d be interested in getting to know him too.


Leonardo doesn’t really believe in Santa, but that doesn’t stop him from telling the jolly head Elf about the only gift he really wants for Christmas – Amanda-Lyn.  He doesn’t know that she’s already attracted to him, even if she is a bit disconcerted by the elf outfit which she’s had to embellish with RIBBONS AND LACE to ensure that the outfit is more appropriate for the mall setting.  Santa thoroughly enjoys dropping hints to Amanda-Lyn about Leonardo, but even if he hadn’t she already has plans to seduce him – and Leonardo couldn’t be more thrilled… only Amanda-Lyn thinks she’s just looking to ‘scratch an itch’ but Leonardo has a more long term goal in mind.


Anne Kane’s short story RIBBONS AND LACE is a fast paced romance full of heat, heart and no small amount of angst.  While Leonardo has had plenty of time to fantasize and consider his intentions toward Amanda-Lyn, she’s been burned once by a failed relationship and really isn’t ready to open herself up to that sort of heartache already.  Fortunately, Leonardo is extremely patient, gentle and convincing.  I loved the playfulness between this couple and the genuine respect they seem to have for each other – and really adored the climatic ending. 


RIBBONS AND LACE is one of the titles available from Changeling Press’s 2013 RED VELVET CHRISTMAS series.  Be sure to stop by their website and check out the rest of the Christmas story lineup as well.


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