The Best Man

Author: Adriana Kraft

Publisher: B&B Publishing

Release Date: May 24, 2013

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5

Format: EBOOK

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Chicago realtor Kitty Paige takes great pride in her successes both professionally and personally.  She’s never married and raised her daughter, Susan, completely on her own.  Now that Susan’s married, it’s time to indulge in her own dreams and desires without having to worry about what anyone thinks of her doing so.  Kitty makes no apologies for enjoying a lively sex life with a variety of men.  They know up front that there’s nothing more to it than scratching an itch, and she thought Jared Jacobs would be the same, but something about the man draws her to him over and over.


Jared Jacobs sees Kitty for the first time at her daughter’s wedding, where his son is the best man.  He’s captivated by her and her zest for life – and there is the simple fact that his son said she was good in bed.  Of course, his thoughtless mention that she’d been with his son ruins his own chances of spending the evening with Kitty, but rather than forget about her, he seduces her with a series of gifts, and she in turns opts to play his little game with a few kinky gifts of her own.


Kitty and Jared have much in common.  Both are successful business people and love race horses.  Jared owns racehorses and Kitty’s dreamed of doing so.  Talking with Jared reawakens her almost forgotten dream of owning a race horse and soon becomes part owner of Rocketman, a contender in the horse racing world.  Kitty and Jared also have lively sex lives and enjoy a bevy of sexual partners.  The one big issue standing in their way is that both find it difficult to compartmentalize their relationship with each other as just another meaningless fling.  


Jared’s career takes him all over the world sometimes for weeks at a time and Kitty isn’t used to doing without a man for so long.  Exclusivity is going to be rather difficult when they’re apart so often but Jared realizes that he wants Kitty all to himself, convincing her to give up her free-loving lifestyle might be difficult but Jared does love a good challenge.


The husband and wife writing team of Adriana Kraft certainly didn’t skimp on the sexually charged scenes with their release THE BEST MAN.  While there is a good storyline and romance between the main characters, the plethora of sex throughout the novel almost overshadows it.  I enjoyed the teasing relationship Jared and Kitty share – even before they actually get together for the first time their gifts show a concerted effort to ‘shock and awe’ and definitely guaranteed their first sexual encounter was going to be explosive.  What fascinated me was how Kitty, who’s such a free spirit, becomes so attached to Jared, yet at the same time attempts to keep him at a distance by refusing to become exclusive.  If you like your romance super spicy and a little shocking then THE BEST MAN might very well be for you.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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