By Laurie
Apr 9, 2013 - 7:20:45 AM

Casper Jayne is one of the “Dalton Gang” that was introduced to readers in Alison Kent’s October 2012 release, UNDENIABLE. Casper survived a severely neglectful childhood. The only things that helped make it a tad brighter would be his friends Dax Campbell and Boone Mitchell, and Tess and Dave Dalton, the Crow Hill, Texas ranching couple that nurtured and helped guide the boys.  Casper knew his life would have been significantly different, and not in a good way, without them. When the Daltons are both deceased, “the boys” find that they’ve left their struggling ranch to them. With none of them tied down to anything or anyone, they decide to try to make a go of it.

When Casper’s mother unexpectedly gives him her pitifully rundown monstrosity of a house, he decides to make the necessary repairs, despite knowing that razing the hulking mess makes far more sense. Full of frightening childhood memories, one would wonder why Casper would want to step foot inside the house, let alone invest time and money to restore it.

When Casper shows up at the bank where Faith Mitchell works looking for money, he doesn’t have high hopes that the sister of one of his best friends will come through for him. Indeed, she turned him down for money from the bank immediately. Faith has had a crush on Casper since they were kids and seeing him again has her wanting. Her brother, Boone, practically put a sign around her neck to warn Dax and Casper off his sister. Now adults, Casper and Faith are free to see where their undeniable attraction goes. It leads them straight to a blistering affair. Faith has a boatload of money from an undisclosed source that she’s willing to loan to Casper, but he’s stubbornly reluctant to partner with her. Once he relents the two begin to explore an even deeper relationship.

Faith has a big heart and is saved from being too sweet by a bit of attitude and her ability to keep up with Casper’s touch of wildness. Underneath Casper’s wildness is a man who is caring and whose emotions run deep. Secondary characters, one in particular, add some of the most heartwarming scenes, show what a good man Casper is, and are crucial to the story.

This book isn’t all love and sweetness. Casper and Faith both have had ugliness in their lives and secrets from their pasts. Casper can be brutally blunt at times and while Faith sometimes feels the sharpness of his honesty, she knows that deep down he’s so much more than a wicked mouth.

Alison Kent can write relationships and honest emotion like no other author. She delves right in to the painful realities that sometimes arise between family and friends. This book has my highest recommendation, especially if you’re a reader who appreciates characters who are a little broken, but fiercely loyal and a story that will catch you right in the chest. I’m eagerly awaiting the next book in the series, UNFORGETTABLE, which will release in October 2013.

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