Blame it on Texas
By Jo
Jun 6, 2014 - 10:05:05 PM

BLAME IT ON TEXAS takes place in about a week and has many twists and turns along with delaying tactics that Shelby is not happy to be a part of, until it's almost too late.  I was immediately immersed in Shelby and Ritt's past and present and it was fun to watch them each try to hide their feelings with a few slips here and there.  Will they have a future to fall back on?  Read it and see!

Louellen's BLAME IT ON TEXAS was a quick read at only one hundred and twenty five pages but it did not disappoint.  Shelby and Ritt had immediate chemistry even after being apart for seven years.  Watching them try to cast aside their yearnings was heartbreaking at times. There were families, friends, townspeople, lots of memories and reminisces, romance and love along with tears, sadness, heartache, secrets, laughter, happiness and fear.  There were revelations that were not on my radar along with some expected happenings.  There was nice closure but an epilogue or a few more chapters to really tie up the loose ends would have been nice.

I have read the CLOVER RIDGE series by Amy Lillard but this is the first book I am reading under her pseudonym Amie Louellen.  I look forward to reading more books penned under both names.

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