To Serve and Protect, Book 7 - Dangerous Intentions

Author: Anna Leigh Keaton

Publisher: Cobblestone Press

Release Date: 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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In Cooper Valley, Doctor Shelly Newman enjoys her career as a physical therapist in the quiet little town.  Her career offers her an outlet to rehabilitate the injured and also provides her with a sense of accomplishment to know she has a hand in making them well. 


Shelly is unprepared for her world to be disrupted when she starts receiving mysterious letters.  At first she thinks it is a harmless flirtation, but as the letters increase, the seriousness of the situation makes her realize she is being stalked. 


To complicate matters, Shelly’s latest patient, Master Sergeant Pete Dexler is confined to a wheelchair due to a back injury.  With his military career over, he takes out his anger on everyone that is brave enough to come into contact with him.  He refuses to listen to anything that Shelly suggests he do for his therapy.


Frustrated, Shelly gives him a wake-up call to reality when she introduces him to three children in the pediatric ward whose medical condition is far worse than Pete could ever imagine.  Pete is humbled by the experience; he feels guilty at the way he has treated Shelly.  In an effort to apologize to Shelly, he offers to buy her dinner and call a truce.


Shelly reluctantly accepts Pete’s offer; she is surprised at how much he is able to change when he isn’t fighting her help.  With his defenses down, Shelly sees him for the handsome man that she knew he was always capable of being.  Shelly knows if she pursues her growing feelings for Pete, she would be jeopardizing her career.  Will she be willing to take the risk to mix business with pleasure?


As Shelly and Pete’s feelings grow there is one who refuses to allow their relationship to develop.  He will stop at nothing to ensure that his dream of having Shelly is fulfilled, no matter what it takes or who he has to hurt in the process.


Whenever you read a book by Anna Leigh Keaton you know that you are getting the best of romance.  With her talented pen she crafts stories that will tear at your heart one minute and have you holding your breath the next as you see how the drama unfolds in her highly addictive writing style. TO SERVE AND PROTECT, BOOK 7 – DANGEROUS INTENTIONS is a superb offering.  Don’t let the fact the book is part of a series scare you away, for it can easily be read as a standalone novel.  Once again Ms. Keaton, you have impressed on this book reviewer how much talent you have as a romance author. 


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Suzie Housley

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