The Pleasure Club - The Marine
By Suzie Housley
Jan 17, 2010 - 12:55:15 PM

Sherilyn Jax is haunted by the one night she wished she could change.  She kept her true feelings hidden and allowed the man she loved to go off to war.  When she learned of his death, she was guilt-ridden by the grief that he never knew how much she loved him.  To put the past behind her she enlists the help of the Pleasure Club to recreate that night.  She hopes that this reenactment will allow her to put the past behind her, and go forward with her life. 

Through The Pleasure Club, Sherilyn discovers a way to turn back time.  She fills out an application to apply for a Pleasure Master.  She is very specific about the type of master she seeks.  She is determined to find someone as close to her William as possible.

Sherilyn receives confirmation with the time and place to meet her Pleasure Master.  She is thrilled with the person selected, for her he could be Williams twin.  Will reenacting that night be enough to put the past behind her, and start living in the future?

THE PLEASURE CLUB – THE MARINE is one hot book!  It explores so many emotions that you feel as though you are on a fast roller coaster ride.  Anna Leigh Keaton’s writing is highly addictive.  One book will not satisfy you; after you finish with one you quickly go in search for her next title.  This author offers the best erotic that you will find anywhere.

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