A Perfect Match

Author: Shelley Bradley

Publisher: Samhain

Release Date: May 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Reporter Mitch MacKinnon wants to be noticed by a nationally syndicated newspaper.  A sports writer, he thrives on what he does and strives to be the best in his field.  When one of his fellow coworkers is unable to do their job, Mitch is given the task of writing an exposé on a local dating agency – a dating agency in which the success stories make Mitch’s eyes roll and his disbelief come through.  Making an appointment for a full scale dating profile, Mitch can’t wait to write about the owner for the fraud she surely is.  Imagine his surprise when his perfect computer match comes through and it is Juliette Lowell, the owner of A PERFECT MATCH. 

Juliette Lowell knows that Mitch MacKinnon doesn’t believe in her dating service.  She can’t wait to set him up on a date and have him fall for his “perfect match.”  After the results are in – and Juliette knows without a doubt that her computer program is flawless – she is amazed and almost appalled to find out that SHE is Mitch’s match.  Vowing to get through one evening, Juliette sets up a date with Mitch to see where it takes them.  She really doesn’t expect to fall for him. 


Juliette and Mitch can’t help the sparks and attraction they each feel for the other.  Mitch still doesn’t believe in Juliette’s dating service, especially when a disgruntled customer makes his presence known.  Will he ever believe?  Juliette is not sure he ever will.   


Whether she is writing historical or contemporary novels, I know when I read Shelley Bradley I am in for a truly wondrous treat of a read.  Mitch’s characterization is so realistic that I almost didn’t like him for the arrogant jock he is and I secretly yearned for him to fall in love with Juliette just so he could have his heart broken.  But at the same time I loved him for his boyish charm and willingness to protect Juliette. Juliette is strong and steady but vulnerable at the same time.  She doesn’t expect love to find her – and her perfect match could not have been more of a surprise than Mitch MacKinnon. 


Shelley Bradley is one of my favorite authors for a reason.  Her talent is limitless and releases like A PERFECT MATCH further my admiration of this brilliant author.  A PERFECT MATCH releases from Samhain Publishing in May of 2008. 

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Natasha Smith

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