Forbidden Fruit
By Chrissy Dionne
Apr 6, 2008 - 5:14:28 AM

Ava Sweet has had a crush on her best friend’s brother since high school.   After overhearing him discussing her in less than flattering terms she vows to prove to him that she’s perfectly capable of being womanly - and not just ‘Dr. Doolittle’ in baggy, ugly clothes.

Luke McGiffin isn’t oblivious to Ava’s charms despite his attempts at denying them to his friend Pete.   The last thing he expected was for her to overhear their discussion or for Ava to lay a lip lock on Pete and demand a date that Friday night.  


Ava’s always been shy and worn clothes that downplay her form, but Luke’s oblivious attitude calls for a serious makeover and her friend Jen is more than happy to help.   Ava hopes the date will serve a dual purpose - bring her friend and Pete together and finally entice Luke to make a move on her.   The evening before her date with Pete, Ava receives a phone call from Luke that has her questioning if her plan is already working.


Despite Luke’s vow to do physical harm to Pete if he so much as touches her Ava and Pete continue with their plans for the evening but is Ava truly prepared for the reaction she’ll receive once she’s all dolled up and incites his jealousy.   Luke’s a man with a strong sexual appetite and he’s done his best for years to keep his desire for Ava at bay.   Is she prepared to handle his unleashed passionate nature?


FORBIDDEN FRUIT is a simply delightful read that will have readers smiling their way through the antics of all the characters.   I couldn’t help but laugh at Ava’s reaction to Luke’s thoughtless comments and how she goes about getting his attention.    I loved the realistic feel to this story and the friendship that’s so apparent between Luke, Ava, Pete and Jen.   Anne Rainey charms her way into readers’ hearts with flawed characters and situations that excite as much as they delight.   As if that’s not enough for you to thoroughly enjoy this story, the red-hot smoldering tension and Luke’s alpha personality will have you salivating.

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