By Chrissy Dionne
Jul 1, 2009 - 6:38:39 AM

Lisa Johnson’s been spending long hours immersed in her workload which over the past month has meant neglecting her husband and home.  With every intention of rectifying the situation and spending a special night with her husband she’s planned a very special evening complete with a sexy outfit, new adult toys and his favorite home cooked meal.  The only trouble is her husband is unaware of her plans and he’s brought home a guest for dinner.

Rick unknowingly wrecks havoc on Lisa’s plans when he arrives home with his boss in tow.  Almost immediately he realizes that Lisa had a romantic evening planned out for him but maybe it won’t be a total loss.  Rick’s not above enacting a little creative seduction of his own – all hopefully without his boss being aware of their playful antics.


“Honey, I’m home.  Guess who I brought home for dinner?” isn’t the sort of thing Lisa wants to hear when she’s spent the whole day fantasizing about the romantic evening she has planned.  Never mind the fact that her outfit isn’t exactly appropriate for company.  Lisa’s only hope is that dinner won’t be too long and Mr. Grissom will leave soon after eating.   Unfortunately that isn’t what happens and Rick has no qualms about making the wait into a unique foreplay that will have them both desperate for the moment when they’ll be alone.


Romance and sex sometimes fall by the wayside in marriages when work and life in general gets in the way but with Ari Thatcher’s story HONEY readers can join in the fun when one woman’s attempt at a romantic evening takes an unexpected turn.  HONEY is fast paced, full of plenty of foreplay and an assortment of toys – of course it also contains a loving couple which makes their antics so intensely hot. 


HONEY is one of several books being released through Ellora’s Cave which are dedicated to Lara Anne Punches, a young woman whose life was cut tragically short.  A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to her family.

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