McCain Brothers, Book 1 - A Baby by Christmas
By Sherri Myers
Nov 22, 2003 - 11:35:00 PM

Elise Weber wanted a baby. Her biological clock was ticking so loudly it was all she could think of. With her husband being killed in a plane crash, and not wanting to raise a child without a father, she decides to look for a man that would be interested in the same thing. She felt she didn't need love because she still loved her dead husband.

Jake McCain also wanted a child and when Elise proposed after only a few dates, he said yes. He didn't need love either, since he was busy managing his farm. He just wanted someone to pass his name and farm on to in the future, so the arrangement was perfect for them both.


When a phone call informs Jake he may be the father of a three year old child from a past fling, all Jake can think of is getting custody of the child if it is his. When his paternity is confirmed, Jake does everything possible to gain custody of Ben. However, Elise is none too pleased about it and doesn't welcome ready-made motherhood;she wants a baby of her own. When she finds out the child has special needs and extra attention, she decides the marriage is over and Jake moves out for good. Is there any way Elise and Jake can work things out and give Ben the family he deserves? Will Jake lose custody to another family when the judge finds out Elise cannot accept Ben? Can Jake and Elise realize their love for each other before it is too late?


Linda Warren once again writes a compelling romance that will keep you involved in the story until the very end. There are many little undercurrents running through the story that keep it interesting and I found myself hoping for Ben to do well under Jake's constant love and attention. This is a story of unselfish love, hope and redemption and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a romance with a little more than "just romance" in it.

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