A Bigger Life
By Sherree
Jan 8, 2007 - 10:08:00 PM

John Carpenter only wanted to be married to Kari and raise their son, Colton.  When Kari begins nursing class, their world begins to take a nosedive.  With Kari working all kinds of hours and John trying to continue his profession as a hair dreser, there is not much time left over for them.

Kari has finished nursing school and has moved on and left John behind.  She has custody of their son and John gets Colton on the weekends.  This time is the highlight of John's life.  John still loves Kari and would like nothing better than for his family to be brought back together. The day that Kari receives a report that she has cancer, John tries to not fall apart.  If only Kari would let him take care of her, he knows that she could get better.

Will John and Kari have a chance to bring their life back together and experience the love that they once had?

The author Annette Smith has written a love story about two people that made mistakes and then punished each other, instead of talking.  Annette Smith has shown the reader that in life mistakes will happen, but with time and patience the situations can often times be worked through.  Marriage is not exempt of problems, but when we take the time to talk, they can be resolved.  I absolutely loved this story and I will share this book with others.  Thank you Annette Smith for writing a story that is current and real.  I am pleased to give this outstanding and compassionate author a 4.5 blue ribbon rating.

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