A Bit Of Rough
By Chrissy Dionne
Nov 1, 2005 - 6:51:00 AM

James Justin is a junior architect for a prestigious firm. Having suffered the disappointment of a project he was interested in at work going to a senior partner, James decides to do something different and exciting. Hoping to find a man to have a one-night stand, he goes to a biker dive. Finding a life-partner he’s only dreamed exists is both exciting and a bit scary.

Bram Lord is the owner of a construction company and a mountain of a man. He’s dominant, possessive, openly gay, and isn’t afraid to go after what he wants. He wants James for more than one night. Convincing James that he’s serious however, is going to require a little work and a lot of caveman tactics.

James is attracted to Bram before he ever sees him in the biker dive. Just hearing the man’s voice turns James on. Bram’s playing pool with a few of his employees when he encounters James for the first time. They haven’t even exchanged names when Bram offers to buy James a beer and then suggests they get some air. Outside the dive, Bram takes James roughly against the side of the building and James loves it. Bram’s dominance is both exciting and scary. James could easily lose his heart and himself to this man. It isn’t until they getting ready to part ways for the night that James introduces himself and Bram gives James his business card. Bram asks James out for dinner, telling him to think about it and give him a call later if he wants to see him again. James calls Bram to confirm their date and give Bram his address. Bram leaves James with the warning that being late will earn him a punishment, leaving James both flustered and excited. When he arrives home to prepare for the date however, he’s harassed and mauled by his neighbor, who ignores James struggles and denials. James is saved from a possible rape by Bram’s timely arrival. Understandably, James is panicky after the attack and Bram’s size alone would feel intimidating to James, Bram did everything in his power to comfort James verbally, even waiting for James to come to him instead of trying to physically touch him first. Bram and James are perfect for each other, will they be able to get past James distrust in people long enough to form a lasting relationship?

A BIT OF ROUGH is a very sexy man love story that will leave its readers with a new outlook on homosexual relationships. Full of hot sex but even better than the sex are the emotions that are expressed by both characters as they struggle through James reluctance to trust. Bram is the ideal Dominant man. Possessing all the qualities I’ve always found so sexy in men! Irregardless of what your sexual preference is, this is a story that will have you in need of a cold drink as you squirm your way through each intimate scene. Laura Baumbach's writing will leave you with amazing images of characters that will stay in your thoughts long after you’ve finished reading. Now with that being said, I want to know more about Mitch, Bram’s friend with the legendary taste in women. He’s a bit cocky and fun and I’d love to know what happens with him. A BIT OF ROUGH is a book I’d definitely recommend reading.

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