A Bit of Sass
By Chrissy Dionne
Jan 1, 2006 - 12:08:00 PM

Sass Miller is the single mother of two children. Her ex-husband has chosen to be nothing more than a biological contributor. She's determined that if she decides to marry again, he'll have to want her kids just as much as he does her.

Jacob is a well-known author. He has no kids and no commitments. He likes his life that way, or at least he thought he did until he met Sass. Now all he wants is Sass permanently in his life but he's going to have to prove to Sass that he's truly ready to be not only her husband but a father to her kids as well.

It's their last night together before Sass has to return home to her kids and normal life. Tonight Sass intends to love Jacob with the light on and do the things she?d dreamed of but never dared to try . . . if she only knew what to do. Jacob eventually takes over as only an alpha male can and of course, Sass delights in his mastery over her body. She's self-conscious about her body after having two children but Jacob convinces her that she's beautiful and he loves every one of the marks. After their remarkable love making is over, Jacob asks Sass to marry him. She's already deeply in love with him, but forces herself to turn him down. He says he'll accept her kids, but in the next breath, informs her that he's marrying her, not her kids. CJ and Corrine need a father figure as much as Sass needs a loving husband. It's up to Jacob to prove that he is the only man that she needs to feel both positions.

Sarah McCarty's A BIT OF SASS is a true delight to read. Jacob's struggle to prove to Sass that he can be a good father figure for her kids had me laughing out loud. Ms. McCarty captures the deviousness of the kids testing their boundaries perfectly. Sass is having trouble believing that Jacob could really want her and the kids and so she does nothing to rein in their unruly behavior. As with every Sarah McCarty book I've read, you have wonderful characters, very hot sex scenes, a fun 'glue-your-nose to the pages' plot, and an excellent ending. This is a wonderful story that I'm sure I'll read again many times in the future.

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