A Bitter Pill
By Chrissy Dionne
Jul 16, 2008 - 6:34:40 AM

Trevor has known Lil her entire life.  He’d been her brother’s best friend and had been present when her parents brought her home from the hospital two days after her birth.  She’d been the tag-a-long pain in the butt pseudo little sister he affectionately nicknamed ‘Lil the Pill.’ 

Trevor had been taken in by the Campbell family after his own parents were killed six years ago.  Now his Surrogate has been irreparably ripped apart thanks to a drunk driver.  Brian lived long enough to request that Trevor watch over Lil.  Lil was only a few months from turning eighteen but Trevor won’t let that deter him from taking care of the only ‘family’ he has left - even if they’ve never gotten along with each other.


Eleven years later, Trevor and Lil have settled into a routine complete with Friday night dinner get-togethers.  It’s over the boxes of Chinese food that Lil brings up that she’s tired of waiting for Mr. Right and willing to settle for Mr. Sperm Deposit.  She wants a baby and isn’t afraid to become a single mother.  Trevor agrees to help her find the perfect male specimen but not one of the men they know appeals to her -except for Kevin - and Trevor can’t bear the thought of her being with Kevin.  He’s got the perfect solution.  Trevor’s willing to make the ultimate sacrifice and bed Lil until she becomes pregnant.  Since they’re such good friends it should be simple to keep their relationship from becoming complex - they’ll just have sex until she conceives and then it’s back to ‘business as usual.’  Only remaining detached proves to be impossible.  Can their friendship survive the friends to lovers and back again yo-yoing?


Kelly Wallace puts a positively enchanting spin on the friends to lovers scenario with A BITTER PILL. It’s obvious that their feelings for each other go beyond friendship - even before they become lovers - but Trevor is determined to not even consider a ‘forever’ kind of love.  Lil’s spunky personality makes this tale one you’ll want to read.  She’s not afraid to go after what she wants and worry about the consequences later.  Trevor has issues from his childhood that have shaped him into the man he is now - complete with nightmares that have him fearing that he’ll be exactly like his abusive, alcoholic father.  A BITTER PILL is a fun read with plenty of emotional impact and even humor to ensure you a satisfyingly good time.

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