A Black Tie Affair

Author: Sherrill Bodine

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing

Release Date: January 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3

Format: Print

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Athena Smith and her sisters, Venus and Diana, are shocked when their father is forced into early retirement as the treasurer for the exclusive John Clayworth and Company department store.  The Smiths and Clayworths go way back together and when Athena was a teenager, she and Drew Clayworth were the best of friends.  However, they stopped speaking after she did something Drew could never forgive.  After fifteen years, Athena and Drew have not forgotten one another, but they refuse to see or speak to each other and talk things out.  Now with the mystery behind her father’s job loss, Athena is even more upset with Drew.

The one thing Athena needs the Clayworths for is their much celebrated couture, Bertha Palmer dresses, that Athena hopes will be donated to the museum she works for.  She is called in to make sure the four gowns are authentic.  As she investigates the dresses, she starts to hallucinate because someone has poisoned the dresses with some sort of truth serum.  As Athena is taken to the hospital by the head of security for John Clayworth and Company, someone steals the dresses and Athena is framed.


As soon as Drew hears that Athena has been poisoned, he rushes to her side.  She tells Drew her darkest desire and feelings for him because of the state she is in due to the truth serum.  Drew doesn’t know what to think about Athena because he can’t get over her betrayal and he is still hurt.  But he wants to find out who is responsible for making her sick and stop anyone else from ending up the same way.  Athena accepts Drew as a partner, of sorts, and soon they are running all over Chicago on the search for these very valuable dresses, which can cause problems for anyone who touches them with their bare hands.  Soon Drew can’t keep his own hands off of Athena and he wants to start all over with the woman he has never stopped loving.


A BLACK TIE AFFAIR is a cute and fluffy romance where two former lovers have a reunion of sorts.  This is a high-class mystery with some funny moments, as Athena and Drew come to terms with the past, as well as, an unknown future in regards to one another.  Drew is a man most women worship while Athena is very level headed and yearns for so many things, which she feels she has a right to.  When Drew storms back into her life, she is confused, as well as, crushed because she aches for Drew but doesn’t know how to tell him.


Watching Drew come to the conclusion that Athena is the only woman for him makes for great reading.  He is one character that is sweet and wonderful, if only more heroes were written with his personality and charm.  Athena keeps him on his toes and watching him make Athena squirm leads to some fun moments.  When these two finally give into their attraction for one another, it makes for nice love scenes.


If you are in the mood for a witty story with well-rounded characters, who live a glamorous lifestyle, check out A BLACK TIE AFFAIR and the writing talents of Sherrill Bodine.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Katie

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