A Blazing Little Christmas
By Cat Cody
Dec 5, 2007 - 3:48:12 PM

HOLIDAY INN BED by Jacquie D’Alessandro is the tale of Eric and Jessica, an engaged couple with a big problem. Eric’s sister is a wedding planner and has all sorts of ideas for his wedding. Jessica’s mother has been planning her wedding every since the doctor announced “it’s a girl!” Meanwhile, Eric and Jess are caught in the middle of this family feud. Can they escape to Timberline Lodge and away from the conflicting plans of their family and rekindle their love for each other?

HIS FOR THE HOLIDAYS by Joanne Rock introduces us to Heather Dillinger, a Georgia Peach and Captain Jared Tyler Murphy, the one man she can’t forget, even after five years. When Jared sends her an invitation to visit him in Lake Placid, she knows she has to go, even if it’s just to be the one to leave first this time. Except once she spends time with Jared at Timberline Lodge, she can’t let go. Will he break her heart once again? Or will she be HIS FOR THE HOLIDAYS?


DEAR SANTA by Kathleen O’Reilly pairs up hopeless Christmas addict Rebecca Neumann and the ultimate Scrouge, Cory Bell. Rebecca, a newly fired kindergarten teacher believes in the magic of Christmas all the way down to her toes. Cory will do anything to escape the holiday and all the bad memories it recalls. When the two of them are snowed in together at the Timberline Lodge, can Rebecca’s hope be Cory’s salvation?


A BLAZING LITTLE CHRISTMAS is a tale that will warm your heart quicker than hot chocolate by the fireplace. These three stories of passion and love and Christmas miracles will leave you breathless and loving every second of it. The well written epilogue ties them all together in a nice, neat bow. Well done, ladies!

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