A Broken Christmas
By Suzie Housley
Oct 1, 2011 - 2:41:34 PM

Aimee Garland thought she had the perfect marriage; then the unexpected occurred when her husband filed for a divorce fourteen months ago.  She refuses to believe their marriage is over, and is determined to be there to greet her wounded husband as he exits off of
the military plane. As he makes his way off the plane, she sees in his eyes that he is haunted by far more than just his physical injuries.

Delta Force operative Kyle Garland’s last mission shattered his body and spirit.  His physical wounds are nothing compared to the horror he witnessed in Afghanistan.  To protect his wife from knowing the truth of what he had done, he made the painful decision to file for a divorce. 


Aimee refuses to give up on the love Kyle and she share.  Kyle thinks that to protect Aimee he must keep his distance.  As Christmas time approacheswill the holiday magic be enough to allow them to put the past behind them and see that to heal, they are both in need of the love they share for each other?


A BROKEN CHRISTMAS is one exceptional book!  Mere words can’t express how much I fell in love with this story.  Aimee and Kyle are two characters that you soon will not forget; I found myself hating to see their story end.  Claire Ashgrove has definitely made an impact with her writing on this reader's mind.  This is the first book that I have read by her, but I assure you that it will not be the last.  For anyone who appreciates a book with which you will develop an emotional bond then A BROKEN CHRISTMAS is just the book to satisfy your needs.

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