A Brown-eyed Handsome Man
By Suzie Housley
Jan 25, 2013 - 5:56:23 AM

From the moment Lilibet Ladner came into Sheriff Kane Saucier’s office he was mesmerized by her beauty.  Lilibet was intent on proposing a food contract with the Sheriff but seeing him up close and personal made her heart beat out of control.

The people of Kerrville County never allowed Lilibet to forget her limp that she had received from a childhood injury.  They refused to give her a chance to prove herself.  Being resourceful, Lilibet opened her own food service cart business. 

Kane admired Lilibet’s survival skills; of course he knew that his department couldn't accept a contract with her due to their varied eating schedules.  He didn't want to disappoint Lilibet with his decision and wasn't ready for her to leave his life.  He made the spontaneous decision to ask her out on a date. 

Lilibet was ecstatic that Kane had asked her out on a date.  This was to be her first date; she hoped that it would end with her receiving her first kiss.  When Lilibet’s landlord comes in the Sheriff’s office demanding that Lilibet be evicted because she was running a business in her home Kane knows he must deliver the devastating news.

Will Kane provide Lilibet a solution to finding a new home?  Will she accept his offer?   

A BROWN-EYED HANDSOME MAN is a part of the HELL YEAH! series that I believe is one of the best series I have ever read.  Sable Hunter creates her characters with unforgettable substinance .  How she weaves other supporting characters into her books is a work of a pure genius.  There is no way anyone can read one of these books and not want to read more.  I look forward to diving in the next installment of one of highly addiction HELL YEAH novels.

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