A Brutal Tenderness
By Ann
Aug 19, 2013 - 7:21:51 PM

FBI agent Cas Steele blames Jewell MacLeod for his cousin Faith’s death.  She stood by while her stepbrother killed her.  Never mind that she maybe she probably suffered as well but now he has the opportunity to use her to lure him out into the open and get justice for her death.  Along with his fellow agents, he starts insinuating himself into her life to see if he can get Thad to show his face.  Yet something happen and Cas starts to bond with Jewell and enjoy her company.  Soon the lines are blurred between the case and his own personal life which only puts Jewell’s life in jeopardy when Thad surfaces.  Will Cas be able to protect her or will his feelings get in the way?


A BRUTAL TENDERNESS is not a sequel but a mirror of A TERRIBLE LOVE.  It gives the reader a chance to read Cas’s side of the same events through his eyes.  I thought it was a nice touch to see it from the hero’s eyes.  Cas is an emotional and passionate man that I forget that he is so young.  When he cares, it is complete and absolute and you can see it with Jewell and with his friends.  It isn’t halfway. Their relationship isn’t without its ups and downs but he won’t give up on them.  He wants to show her that he isn’t like her family who abandoned her when things got tough and he is a keeper.  Overall, I think A BRUTAL TENDERNESS is a good follow-up to read after A TERRIBLE LOVE. 

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