A Cedar Cove Christmas
By Amelia
Sep 15, 2008 - 11:10:17 PM

The story line sounds familiar, but the story that Debbie Macomber tells is definitely unique and interesting. It is Christmas time and Mary Jo leaves her three arguing brothers to make a journey to Cedar Cove. Her brothers want Mary Jo to marry the baby’s father. Mary Jo realizes that she really does not love David. After all the lies David has told her, how can she trust him. Although, Mary Jo has to warn him that her brothers are on their way to straighten him out.

When Mary Jo arrives in Cedar Cove, it feels alive with the anticipation of the Christmas holiday. Finding David proves difficult, until Mary Jo finds a kind librarian named Grace. There is no room in the inn, so Grace takes Mary Jo home and gives her the only available room there is in town. It is a place above the stable. Grace is keeping the animals for the Nativity story.

Mary Jo goes into labor and Mark, the emergency medical technician, arrives on the scene. Mark attends to her but finds out that the baby is not ready to come yet. As Mark leaves, he finds that he cannot seem to get Mary Jo’s face out of his mind. There is something about her face and sweet manner that pervade his thoughts.

On Christmas day, Mary Jo's water breaks. The arrival of the baby is near! She is happy and relieved when Mark comes to help out with the baby, but there is not enough time to get her to the hospital. It will be a home delivery.

Will Mary Jo have a Christmas baby? Will her brothers make the trip worse by forcing her to marry the baby’s father? Alternatively, will they allow Mary Jo the right to chose for herself? What about Mark? Will delivering Mary Jo's baby be what he needs to bring hope and love to his life?

A CEDAR COVE CHRISTMAS is a tale that will warm your heart. Mary Jo finds herself in the company of strangers who give unconditional love and friendship. The citizens of Cedar Cove open their doors to her, welcoming her in. Debbie Macomber brings her characters alive as she delivers the real message of Christmas in her ingeniously crafted story. Christmas is a time for miracles and Debbie brings this alive in a tale that reminds us the reason we have Christmas in the first place. Mary Jo wants to do the right thing. She reminds me of myself as we give countless chances to unreliable men who steal our hearts. Yet, when feelings count, Mary Jo has the courage to break free from the past. She breaks free from the fake love she has for David and discovers a love that is genuine. Mark is a man who is looking for something and finds it in the time and place least likely.

Debbie Macomber’s story is aglow with hope and sparkles with romance. It has old-fashioned spun charm and is the perfect read that will get you into the spirit of Christmas. Rush out and buy yourself a copy and savor it with a slice of warm homemade apple pie!

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