A Christmas Dream

Author: Janet Elaine Smith

Publisher: Pagefree Publishing, Inc.

Release Date: October 2003

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Susan Quincey hates Christmas, at least this year. She used to love it, but that was before she lost her husband, Mark. He was killed in an accident overseas while in the military. Now the holidays bring back sad memories.

To make things worse, on this bitterly cold winter day in Duluth, Minnesota, her car won’t start. Now what is she going to do? Startled by a knock on her window, Susan is surprised to see her boss, Kevin Dockter, standing there. She guiltily thinks he is ever so handsome, and has had daydreams about him. Thoughts she pushes aside as traitorous to her memories of Mark

Kevin notices Susan has car troubles, and offers to jump-start her car for her. In fact, he notices everything about Susan he can—he’d fallen for her, hard, the day she interviewed for her secretarial job at the insurance company they worked for. This is the perfect opportunity for him to initiate a conversation with her outside the office.

Following Susan home to make sure she makes it all right, she is stunned to see him there. Good manners prevail though, and she invites him in for a hot drink. Her son, Jeremy, and Kevin hit it off from the word go. And that is the start of Kevin’s campaign to win her over. From then on, he is there, letting her know how much he cares about her and her son. Can she ever put aside her feelings for Mark enough to care for him? Would that be the right thing to do for her and Jeremy? Susan is confused.

Meeting "Santa Claus" and a series of Christmas miracles makes this into a Christmas that won’t be soon forgotten by Susan, and all those she meets this holiday, in Duluth.

A Christmas Dream is a truly heartwarming tale that won’t soon be forgotten by this reviewer! I was so emotionally drawn into this story that I cried for Susan, loved Jeremy at once, and hoped with all my heart that Kevin would win Susan’s love. Ms. Smith portrayed love and the spirit of Christmas perfectly. In my opinion, this is a terrific book to renew your faith in love and miracles—one to delight you with the true meaning of Christmas. A definite keeper for my shelf!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Teresa Henson

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