A Christmas Favor
By Kerensa Wilson
Jan 1, 2009 - 10:18:00 AM

Angela can't stop thinking about the one night her dreams came true and her body felt alive in Christian's arms on her most treasured Thanksgiving.  It's been two years since that incredible night and she now has Mike as the new man in her life. Yet nothing in her responds to Mike the way she responded to Christian. So when Christian says he's returning to town and wants to see her she can hardly wait.

Christian deeply misses Angela's presence in his life. It seems all he does is think about her.  When he finds out he will once again see her beautiful face he's ecstatic. Finding out she has a man in her life is like a punch to the gut. If only he can win her back, he knows this time they could make it work between them.

Best friends and lovers Christian and Angela can't get enough of each other both in the bedroom and in day to day life.  Even though Christian's returned with the intent to make a relationship work between them, Angela knows things could end up just where they were before. Despite the risk she knows she wants to try, because being without Christian is worse than anything she can imagine.

Sascha Illyvich has crafted the perfect Christmas treat.  For all of you who wished that things would have turned out differently, this is the story you've been waiting for. A deeply passionate romance between two characters you'll want to read about.

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