A Christmas Favor

Author: Sascha Illyvich

Publisher: Total E-Bound

Release Date: February 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: E-Book

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Angela has known Christian for 7 years; he was her best-friend and confidant.  Angela always felt secure and comforted when she was in Christian’s presence.  Every year they spent Thanksgiving and Christmas together sharing a meal and enjoying each others company.


Angela had feelings for Christian that went way beyond friendship, she desired him.  But she ignores them or tried to.  Now that she knows that Christian harbored the same feelings, she wants to revel in that desire.

Christian adored Angela, their friendship meant a lot and he enjoyed her company.  Angela is a very sensual woman, and he knows that her partners have always tried to subdue that.  He wanted to be the man to bring her sexual pleasure.  Christian wanted Angela beyond their friendship.

But once Angela and Christian give into their desires and become lovers, they have a wonderful time of exploring their passion.  But life has a way of intruding.  Christian has demanding job, which leads to two years separation.  Both Angela and Christian could not forget the time together and missing the closeness they shared, both as friends and lovers.

Sascha Illyvich has written a very true to life, everyday drama of a couple of friends that become lovers.  But life has a way of intruding and love is not always a bed of roses.

A CHRISTMAS FAVOR is very erotic and passionate novel, which is cleverly written.  The whole story is so life-like it was like finding myself, an invisible spectator, on the lives of close friends.

A CHRISTMAS FAVOR by Sascha Illyvich, is a fine erotic contemporary romance; that is definitely worth reading.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Gail Northman

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