A Christmas Wedding
By Char
Dec 1, 2008 - 4:55:20 PM

Desiree Hawthorne-Rainwater has been in love with her husband Jesse Rainwater for over thirty-three years and married to the love of her life for twenty-seven. The last few years have been hard on their marriage, but now that their daughter is getting married, Desiree hopes that she and Jesse can work out their differences and get back the happiness they had when they were first married. Jesse also has plans for after their daughter’s wedding…he can’t take the lack of trust and hard words anymore and he is going to ask Desiree for a divorce.

Desiree is completely taken off guard when Jesse tells her that he wants her to sign the divorce papers he has had drawn up. She doesn’t know what to do at first, but after some careful thought and thinking about the years her and Jesse have been together, Desiree knows that she can’t let her husband go without putting up a fight. Jesse is shocked that Desiree doesn’t just jump at the chance to end their farce of a marriage, but the more he also remembers the good times and the love they share, he opens himself up to the possibility that there may still be something in their marriage worth fighting for.


A CHRISTMAS WEDDING by Tracy Wolff is an emotionally suspenseful story filled with strong emotions, passion, forgiveness and love. I really liked the story and how the volatile emotions of both Jesse and Desiree just leapt from the pages and grabbed me. It was heartwarming to watch Desiree reflect on her life and decide that the love she had for Jesse was the best thing in her life and that she would do anything to keep him with her. I really liked Jesse, he laid everything on the line with Desiree and held nothing back about his feelings or his love. This is a wonderful book and one I recommend you rush out and get.

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