A Country Affair
By Rhea Palmer
Aug 7, 2006 - 8:49:00 PM

The first in the Barleybridge series, we are introduced to Kate Howard, a quiet girl brought up in the small village of Barleybridge, England. Kate dreams of becoming a veterinarian, but she missed reaching her grade and will have to take exams again. A little disconcerted, she takes a job as a receptionist at the Barleybridge Veterinary Hospital. Fitting right in, she allows herself to be talked back into trying again for vet school by sexy, heart-breaker Australian vet, Scott Spencer. Unfortunately, her boyfriend, Adam is threatened by her new friends and become over-bearing and demanding. Kate brushes him off, but is hesitant in telling him of her decision to go back to school. Scott, meanwhile, is making no bones in his desire for Kate. Pursued by a gorgeous vet and a clumsy, creepy soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend, life gets very exciting for the normally level-headed Kate. Can she pass her exams and be accepted into vet school? Will Adam continue to harass her? What happens if Scott decides to leave to go back to Australia?

Rebecca Shaw has three more books in this series and I plan on reading every one. She draws you into each character’s life as though they were neighbors from down the street. You grow to love each quirky character in this story and I am looking forward to reading more Barleybridge novels.

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