A Covington Christmas
By Tammy Kelley
Sep 12, 2005 - 1:59:00 PM

In A COVINGTON CHRISTMAS, Joan Medlicott introduces us to a town full of caring and loving people.  Covington is a town where everybody knows everyone and there are no secrets kept.  Pastor Denny Ledbetter has come to Covington to take over the church that Pastor Johnson has been the pastor of; but because of his health the board has asked Pastor Denny to come take his place.  Pastor Denny didn't realize when he accepted the position that he would not just take over a church that because of a fire the church needed to be repainted, the heating unit has gone out in the middle of winter, and he has 5 families that have found out they were never really married. 

In Covington the ladies get together to make sure that everything is taken care of for the 5 families to get married in the church and that the church gets painted for the weddings and the Christmas Eve Service.  Grace who doesn't even attend the church was with Pastor Denny when he found the documents showing that the families were never legally married.  Grace gets her roommates Hannah and Amelia to help organize everything that needs to be done to make sure that the weddings take place and that the church is ready for all the services.

Now you will meet Charlie and Velma Herrill, Ralph and Bernice McCorkle, Frank and Alma Craine, Eddy and June McCorkle, and Billy and May McCorkle.  All of these families are excited to have another wedding except for May.  May hasn't been very happy with Billy for a very long time; but everyone keeps telling her that she has to do this for her children.  What will May decide to do; will she follow what she feels in her heart or do what everyone else says she needs to do?

In A COVINGTON CHRISTMAS you meet some of the nicest people and people that have problems just like everyone else in todays world.  A COVINGTON CHRISTMAS is a great book that brings you into the little community of Covington and gets you to feeling like you are living the day to day life right along with them.  You can feel the embarrassment they feel when they find out they aren't actually married and the happiness  and the love They feel for their families and their town just like you were there with them.

I loved reading A COVINGTON CHRISTMAS by Joan Medlicott, I can't wait to read the rest of the books out about the little community of Covington.  If you want to read a feel good book I recommend you read A COVINGTON CHRISTMAS.

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