A Cowboy Summer
By Grace
Mar 23, 2004 - 9:24:00 PM

Anne Fraser risks the job of her dreams to return to the Silver Rose Ranch in western Nevada at the request of her step-father, A.J.  She's up for a big promotion in her hotel management company in New York City, and her boss isn't happy about her sudden trip home for the summer.

But she can't refuse A.J.  He needs her to run his summer guest ranch while he takes a road trip to the East Coast to scatter her mother's ashes.


Consumed with guilt and regret for not visiting her mother more frequently in Nevada's desert, Anne agrees to go.   It might even benefit her daughter Zoey's asthma to get away from the pollution of NYC, although Anne is terrified it will make her daughter's health worse.


Anne arrives at the Silver Rose a couple of days before A.J.'s grandson does.  Will presents a major complication to an already stressful situation.  Because she had a huge crush on him as a teenager. 


He's arrived to help her run the ranch for the summer after a life-threatening injury threatens to end his career on the rodeo circuit.  He's on enforced leave from the rodeo for the next twelve weeks.  What better place to recuperate than the ranch where his grandfather raised him?


A.J. leaves for his cross country trip with his wife riding shotgun in a sealed metal box.  The old attraction begins again between Will and Anne, although neither of them wants it.  And Zoey thinks the new man in her life is the greatest thing in the world, next to her horse.


How are the three of them going to survive this "cowboy summer" with their hearts intact?  Will plans to return to the circuit the moment he receives medical clearance, and Anne's future is in NYC.  And Zoey wants to spend the rest of her life on the ranch Anne hated as a teenager.

Will appeals to the reader who appreciates a rancher or an eight-second cowboy.  For an emotional journey and a tale of family values and honor, I highly recommend A COWBOY SUMMER.

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