A Cowboy and a Kiss
By Alane
Dec 1, 2004 - 8:02:00 PM

Sophie Addison is an attorney in Reno.  She’s smart, stable, responsible – all the things her best friend, showgirl Sunny Kelly is not.  Sunny borrowed money from a loan shark to bet on a horse and it’s up to Sophie to take care of things.  She heads to Tranquility, TX to sell a saloon Sunny inherited while Sunny hides out.  No sooner does she arrive in Tranquility than the combination of an old, broken gas pump and someone’s lit cigarette leads to an explosion at the gas station where Sophie is filling her tank.  The hunky cowboy she was asking directions from right before the explosion saves her life, but they’re both knocked around.  Sophie’s car is ashes, along with her purse, ID and everything she brought to Tranquility.  Even worse, Sophie has no idea who she is.

Gray McBride is trying to change his image.  He wants to take over some of the responsibility of running the family ranch from his brother, Dillon.  To prove he can handle it, Gray is running for mayor of Tranquility.  His campaign is mainly based on his promise to expand the firehouse into the old Smokehouse Saloon.  The curvy, green-eyed blond woman in pink Spandex he saved at the gas station must be Sunny, the new owner of the saloon.  After all, she was asking for directions to the bar and the courthouse right before the explosions.  When the woman can’t remember her name, Gray helpfully tells her she is Sunny Kelly.  The old Gray would have gotten together with Sunny in an instant but she is exactly the type of woman the new, stable, responsible Gray needs to avoid.  He just wants to buy the saloon from her so she can get her tempting self back to Reno as soon as humanly possible.


Sophie, believing she is Sunny, is having second thoughts about selling her inheritance.  She can’t remember her aunt but associates thoughts of her with warm feelings.  Much to Gray’s chagrin she decides to fix up the old saloon, sure it’s what her aunt what have wanted.  She charms the townspeople, gathers strays and works hard to get the saloon back in shape.  She even comes up with an alternative to expanding the firehouse into her saloon.  If gorgeous, tanned, muscular cowboy Gray doesn’t like it, tough!  She knows as well as Gray does that they don’t belong together, but is doesn’t stop her from falling for him.  Will they listen to their heads, or give in to their hearts?  What will happen if Sophie remembers she’s a boring attorney, not a free-spirited showgirl?  And what about the real Sunny and her loan shark problems?


A COWBOY AND A KISS is lighthearted, warm and funny.  Who can resist a gorgeous cowboy like Gray, who will do just about anything for his family, hometown and friends?  Before Sophie lost her memory, she wanted to gather strays and help people just like the aunt who raised her always did.  I love the way she didn’t lose her need to help when she lost her memory.  Like a good vacation, my visit to Tranquility, TX seemed to pass much too quickly and was just plain fun!

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